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Our Process

At Legacy Planning Solutions we recognize the value in developing long-term relationships with our clients as we help them navigate their financial lives.

Over time your life and situation will inevitably change, so we believe it's impossible to create one rigid plan that will work for the next 30 years...or 20 years...or even 10 years. If you want to achieve financial success, we believe you need a plan that can adapt to both foreseen and unforeseen changes, whether they're outside your control or not. We want you to understand and participate in every aspect. To do this we have to monitor your progress every step of the way. We provide guidance from a holistic point of view, year after year.

"Our job is never done."

Our most comprehensive service model suited for clients wanting to have all of their financial planning essentials addressed.

We work side-by-side with you building solutions towards creating financial success, Provide ongoing monitoring and progress update meetings. We will also work with your accountant, attorney and other professionals to insure all of your wishes are taken into account and make sure nothing is overlooked. Our ongoing relationship provides support and peace of mind knowing that all of your financial decisions are being macro-managed by a team of professionals. Your time will be freed up to focus on passions in your life.

First Discussion

We discuss the general process that we use to help you work towards achieving your financial goals. At this time we will briefly go over your “Personal Financial Questionnaire” This is designed to be a simple and quick method for developing your initial financial snapshot and getting an understanding of your financial dreams and goals. By completing this “Personal Financial Questionnaire”, along with any relevant financial documents, is required for the next step.

Financial Outlook

With your current financial outlook in hand, we analyze your current plan from several perspectives and discuss how effective it may or may not be. We have an in-depth discussion about your present financial situation and then work to enhance a better solution that leads towards achieving your goals.

Implementation Meetings

Following these in-depth discussions we begin implementing the agreed upon solutions with a focus on Reducing your Debt, Minimizing your Taxes, Improving your Cash Flow and Increasing your Wealth.

Annual Review And Updates

From this point forward, Legacy Planning Solutions maintains a constant role as your Macro Manager of your financial well-being. Regular and ongoing progress update meetings , will provide additional opportunities for us to modify your plan as necessary in order to adapt to any changes that may come up along the way.